Sustainable construction and resource conservation by reliability analyses

July 12, 2021 / Martin Dazer

New structural concepts for the built environment of tomorrow are being researched within the framework of SFB 1244 "Adaptive Hulls and Structures."

In reliability engineering, we are not only concerned with products that fail too early. Reliability also plays a crucial role in avoiding oversizing. Only if there is sufficient knowledge about the actual reliability can products be optimally designed.

As part of the participation of the Institute of Machine Elements in the SFB's research network, the IMA, in a lead role, provided evidence that this technology can be used to reduce the structural mass of the planned high-rise demonstrator by about 50% and greenhouse gas emissions by 46%. The fatigue life of the supporting structure can even be more than doubled by the actuators.

The reliability analyses at the IMA thus confirmed the desired goal of a radical saving of weight and thus of consumed resources.

University of Stuttgart with spectacular ultralight construction at the IBA'27

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