Piktogramm SAGE – Smart actuator for green energies

Research Project: SAGE – Smart actuator for green energies

Institute of Machine Components (IMA)

Efficiency tests and damage detection on highly stressed worm gears in actuators
[Photo: Philipp Häderle]

Green hydrogen from renewable energies will play an important role as a primary energy source in the future. There is an urgent need to expand the infrastructure for the production, transport and storage of this energy carrier. The highly explosive medium harbours a considerable risk potential in the event of malfunctions or failures in the plant infrastructure. With the help of a prognostics and health management approach and condition monitoring, actuators should significantly increase or ensure plant safety and availability. In the research project, an anomaly model supported by artificial intelligence will be used for the first time to independently recognise and report maintenance requirements. The recombination of new digital technologies and processes with reliable, proven drive technology in a robust and simple new product represents a major innovation hub in the field of electric actuators.

detailed project description (.pdf)

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