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Research Project: Soft Reliability Sensor

Institute of Machine Components (IMA)

Definition and verification of algorithms for virtual sensors to determine load collectives for components of large diesel engines
[Photo: Martin Diesch]

The development of a reliable product represents one of the primary goals in mechanical engineering, since it is an important sales criterion. Failures occuring during the usage of the product are depending on the one hand on the stength of the product and on the other hand on the load caused by the usage. However, the load occurring in the field is usually only insufficiently known. On the one hand, the individual components are not monitored by corresponding sensors and on the other hand, only a small amount of data is transmitted from the field to the manufacturer. Within the scope of the project, the failure mechanisms of engine parts are analyzed and their influencing factors are determined. The relevant load on the component is then modeled by a soft sensor. The recorded load is used to describe the usage behavior in order to enable a stress-appropriate design. Furthermore, the customer-specific load is transferred into a specific remaining useful life prediction by unsing of a lifetime model and thus the remaining useful life is determined.

detailed project description (.pdf)

The project 'Soft reliability sensor' is funded by MTU Friedrichshafen GmbH.



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