Research Department Sealing Technology
Research Department Sealing Technology
Test Run on the 24-cell endurance test rig
Research Department Sealing Technology
Research Department Sealing Technology
Lead Measurement with optical surface measurement instrument
Research Department Sealing Technology
Research Department Sealing Technology
Wear measurement on the IMA-Sealscanner®

Research Department Sealing Technology

The sealing technology research department is concerned with the sealing of moving machine parts and the static sealing of dynamically stressed housings. For this purpose, theoretical, computational, constructive and experimental investigations of sealing elements and sealing systems are carried out. In particular, PTFE sleeve seals, radial shaft seals, mechanical seals, linear guides, rod seals, piston seals, non-contact shaft seals, O-ring seals, face seals and special seals are investigated. In this context, tribological investigations are also carried out with regard to friction, wear, tightness and surface topography of sealing ring and shaft surface. Furthermore, the mechanical material characteristics of seals are determined.

Inaugural Lecture on Sealing Technology by Dr.-Ing. habil. Frank Bauer

Spring-loaded elastomer radial shaft seals

The tribological system radial shaft seal consisting of sealing element and shaft are the main parts of this technical book. The structure and mode of operation are described comprehensively, based on the latest scientific findings. Numerous examples of damage illustrate the various categories of damage and describe their causes.

Authors: Bauer, Frank


This textbook and fundamentals book breaks down the subject of tribology from the ground up. Terms are uniformly defined and clearly used. It shows the complexity, awakens interest in tribology and brings clarity to the interactions between solids and lubricants.

Authors: Bauer, Frank


Besides teaching, research is the institute's most important field of activity. At present, a wide range of sealing technology problems are being worked on in numerous research projects.

Video: Leakage due to a twisted shaft



In the Bachelor's and Master's programmes, students receive comprehensive training on the subject of "sealing technology".

Extensive information on the subject of sealing technology can be found at


The IMA sees itself as a modern service provider for the industry. Many years of experience in processing industrial orders and know-how in sealing technology ensure that orders are processed quickly.
The range of services covers many areas:

  • Consulting
  • Damage analysis
  • Simulation
  • Design of sealing systems
  • FE Optimization of sealing systems
  • Test bench investigations
  • Surface examination
  • Seminars

Contact Head of Sealing Technology

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Frank Bauer

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Head of Sealing Technology &
Head of StutCAD


Institute of Machine Components (IMA)

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