IMA-Fluid-Film-Simulation (IMA-FFSim)

Institute of Machine Components (IMA)

Tool for the Simulation of the Fluid Flow in Lubricated Contacts

Feature Scope

The program IMA-FFSim consists of a solver (IMA-FFSim-Solve) and postprocessor (IMA-FFSim-Post) for the pressure build-up in isoviscous elastohydrodynamic (I-EHL) lubricated contacts. The simulation as well as the results evaluation for a variety of fluid film problems are carried out in a

  • well-arranged,
  • flexible,
  • robust,
  • user-friendly, and
  • Matlab-integrated way.

IMA-FFSim-Solve solves numerically the Reynolds differential equation for the hydrodynamic flow between two lubricated surfaces in relative motion, considering the elastic deformation of the contacting surfaces. The input parameters in IMA-FFSim-Solve are

  • the static contact pressure and the static contact geometry,
  • the fluid density and the dynamic viscosity,
  • the elastic surface constants, and
  • the entrainment speed.

IMA-FFSim-Post facilitates the evaluation of the simulation results from IMA-FFSim-Solve. User-specified 2D bar & line plots as well as 3D surface, contour, & velocity plots can be generated without the need of Matlab experience.

Graphical User Interface (GUI)


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