picture Back-Structured Shaft Seals

Research Project: Back-Structured Shaft Seals (B3S)

Institute of Machine Components (IMA)

Development and optimization of novel sleeve seal with back side structuring
[Photo: Lothar Hörl]

The project involves the further development of a novel sealing mechanism for PTFE and elastomer sleeve shaft seal. By structuring a sleeve on the back (indirectly), the stiffness of the sleeve is influenced. As a result, when the sleeve is mounted on the shaft, very fine return structures form automatically in the otherwise smooth sealing gap. On the one hand, excellent sealing is achieved through the return effect and, on the other hand, in the case of elastomer sleeves, it is possible to build up a separating air cushion between the shaft and the sleeve. First prototypes lifted off the shaft from a circumferential speed >17 m/s and were successfully tested up to 75 m/s with almost no friction and therefore without thermal damage.

The aim is to develop an elastomer sleeve seal for various applications that is easy to manufacture, statically and dynamically tight and runs without friction.

detailed project description (.pdf)


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Lothar Hörl


Vice Head of Sealing Technology

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