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Stefan Jetter, Daimler AG

A method is being developed for the design of cylinder blocks which makes it possible to provide information on the reliability of cylinder blocks at an early stage of development. The calculation is based on load collectives from driving operation and experimentally determined material data. By linking and comparing calculation and field analysis, a consistent strategy for reliability analysis is to be developed.

Benjamin Heumesser, IMA

Investigation of the rattling and clattering behavior of dual clutch transmissions, research into existing and generation of new avoidance measures, performance of rattling and clattering noise measurements, demand-oriented quieting of the transmission. The aim is to create a catalog of measures to counteract breakaway noise, specifically for dual-clutch transmissions.

Zeljana Beslic, IMA

The gear life of a series toothing is to be investigated experimentally on the load test bench for the failure of pittings. A statistical life verification of the gear with regard to the fatigue damage and the influence on the scatter of the degradation model dimples, under the influence of the load, is to be presented. A test methodology with regard to resource planning and a simulation approach are to be verified with the measured data.


Sabine Sanzenbacher, IMA

Gear teeth cause all components of a gear to vibrate due to various mechanisms such as variable tooth stiffness, deviations of the tooth flank geometry from an ideal involute, and impact processes. The resulting noises are known as gear whine and whistling, or as gear rattle and clatter. These noises reach the human ear via direct airborne sound radiation from the housing, or are transmitted as structure-borne sound to add-on parts, which then also radiate these vibrations as airborne sound.


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