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Research Project: Lifetime tests of HV batteries with prior knowledge

Institute of Machine Components (IMA)

Efficient planning of lifetime tests for reliability assurance of hv batteries considering prior knowledge
[Photo: Marcel Göldenboth]

The automotive industry is in the process of transforming towards all-electric drive systems. In particular, the hv battery is becoming the focus of development. In order to prove reliability during the development phase, optimal test planning is therefore required. Here, the technical requirements as well as the economic framework conditions must be combined with the target of a precise reliability prognosis.

Defined test collectives exist for component, battery and complete vehicle endurance tests. The project budget and the available testing time are also defined in advance. If, in addition, the available prior knowledge from digital validation, the field behavior of a predecessor product and/or life tests of an interlocked product are used for test planning, further development of existing methods is required.

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