pictogramm Reliability process for photovoltaic & battery inverters

Research Project: Reliability process for photovoltaic & battery inverters

Institute of Machine Components (IMA)

Development and evaluation of an efficient and reliable methodology for reliability prediction and lifetime prediction of photovoltaic & battery inverters and their critical components.
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In the international market, service life and reliability are significant quality criteria for holding one's own against the competition. Especially in the cost-driven market segment of renewable energies, reliability is the key for load-oriented dimensioning with which the service life targets can be achieved in a resource-efficient way. Current approaches for the reliability assessment of electronic components are based on hypotheses that do not allow for a valid reliability analysis. In this project, therefore, a consistent methodology for the reliability analysis and validation of inverters is to be developed. The project mainly consists of the work packages: Component and device analysis, failure and aging mechanisms, development of a new method, field data analysis and the evaluation of test procedures.

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Funding code: 03EE1054B

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