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Research Project: Sensor-based Collision Detection for Rail Vehicles

Institute of Machine Components (IMA)

Development of a sensor system for the detection of impact events in rail vehicles
[Photo: Carl-Jonas Braun]

Within the scope of a feasibility study on impact and rollover detection for DB Netze, various sensors and sensor systems were investigated with regard to their suitability for detecting impact events.

Based on these results, verification is taking place in the project "Impact Detection". The focus of the professorship for rail vehicle technology is on sensor systems for collision detection that can be considered for installation on the vehicle's load-bearing structure. In addition to proving the basic functionality by means of test bench trials, initial track tests are being carried out with the research and test train "advanced TrainLab" (aTL) of Deutsche Bahn AG. The aTL will be temporarily equipped with a prototypical sensor system for this purpose.

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Carl-Jonas Braun

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