Institute of Machine Components (IMA)

The lectures and seminars for students in the bachelor's and master's degree programs in mechanical engineering and vehicle and engine technology


At the Institute for Machine Elements (IMA), teaching is an important focus. The education of the students already starts in the bachelor - program (1st-4th semester) with the basic lecture "Design Theory". In this core module, approx. 400 students per semester are supervised in the lecture and the associated group exercises.

Lecture program

The lectures offered for the bachelor's degree (5th - 6th semester) / master's degree reflect the IMA's broad research spectrum. In the lectures on reliability engineering, sealing technology, CAD, drive technology and rail vehicle technology, students can deepen their knowledge and benefit from the latest findings through close interaction with research. A wide range of student research projects and bachelor's / master's theses at the institute also provide a practical insight into research and development work. Fundamental research projects closely linked to industry thus guarantee an in-depth and practice-oriented education.

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Calculators for exams and hall at the IMA

At  the  IMA the same rules apply for examinations and hall tests as at the IMWF.

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