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Research Project: Pneumatic Friction

Institute of Machine Components (IMA)

Simulation of Transient Seal Friction in Pneumatic Components
[Photo: Sumbat Bekgulyan]

Friction in pneumatic components has a significant influence on system behaviour. In the project, a simulation model for the calculation of transient seal friction in pneumatic components is being further developed by the example of a pneumatic valve. The project is being carried out in cooperation with ifas of RWTH Aachen University. At the IMA of the University of Stuttgart, a detailed experimental investigation of the sealing contact is being carried out to ensure an advanced understanding of the system and to enable the validation of the simulation model. For this purpose, lubricants and contact surfaces are characterised, a test set-up is developed and measurements of the seal friction are carried out to validate the simulation model.

detailed project description (.pdf)


The project "Simulation of transient seal friction in pneumatic components" is funded by the VDMA Fluid Technology Research Fund.


  1. Bauer, Niklas ; Hahn, Susanne ; Feldmeth, Simon ; Bauer, Frank ; Schmitz, Katharina: Rheological Characterization and EHL Simula-tion of a Grease in a Lubricated Sealing Contact. In: 62. Tribologie-Fachtagung : Gesellschaft für Tribologie e.V., 2021. — ISBN 978-3-9817451-6-0, S. 65/1-65/11 — IMA-DT 694


This image shows Simon Feldmeth

Simon Feldmeth

Dipl.-Ing. Pat.-Ing.

Team Manager Simulation

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Lothar Hörl


Vice Head of Sealing Technology

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