pictogram Funtional Safety Powernet

Research Project: Functional safety in the field of powernet

Institute of Machine Components (IMA)

Functional safety in the field of powernet with a focus on technical safety mechanisms
[Photo: Armin Köhler]

Driven by the global megatrends such as electrification and automation, the automotive industry is developing strongly in technical and innovative fields. In particular, the working area of driver assistance systems and automated driving functions are current fields of innovation. Most of these systems have one thing in common: they are electrical and/or electronic (E/E) systems that are responsible for the safety of drivers and passengers. The basis of the functionality is always the sufficient power supply of these safety-relevant systems. This increases the safety relevance of on-board power systems (powernets) and associated components enormously. For this reason, the entire power supply system must be developed and verified in accordance with functional safety standards. In the field of road vehicles, the functional safety process according to ISO 26262 must be applied.

detailed project description (.pdf)

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The project is carried out in an industrial cooperation with Robert Bosch GmbH.


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