pictogram Wheel-Rail-Friction

Research Project: Wheel-Rail-Friction

Institute of Machine Components (IMA)

Methodological approach for transferring of friction measurements on scaled roller rigs
[Photo: Sebastian Skorsetz]

The aim of this project is to research how friction measurements in wheel-rail contact could be transferred on roller rigs with different scaling. The focus lies on correlations between parameters influencing the friction and of optimising them. Therefore, a 1:10 scaled roller rig is used introducing different interfacial media in the wheel-rail contact to understand their influences on the coefficient of friction. The measured values are compared to those of a different scaled roller rig. A method for transferring of friction measurements of roller rigs with different scaling is developed.

detailed project description (.pdf)

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This project is supported by Knorr-Bremse Systeme für Schienenfahrzeuge GmbH.



  1. Skorsetz, Sebastian ; Salander, Corinna ; König, Jens: Nachbildung von Rad-Schiene-Kontakten am Rollenprüfstand mit naturnahen Zwischenschichten. In: ZEVrail – Zeitschrift für das gesamte System Bahn. Bd. 145 (2021), S. 296–302


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